How do I purchase?
All orders, including pre-orders, are placed through our website Add items to your cart and click on cart at the upper right corner of the screen when you are ready to check out.

How do I know what's in stock?
Items in stock will have a button that says "Add to Cart". If the item is out of stock, you'll see "Sold Out" instead. To find specific items by name, use the search function at the upper left.

Is there a way to know when an item comes back in stock or when there are new items on the website?
Yes! Join our group

Can I create a wishlist?
Yes! Look for the heart at the lower right corner of your screen. If you are logged in to the Hicks Inspired website, your wish list will be saved and you can return to it later.

What products do you sell?
Our bread and butter is leggings, but we also sell tops, almost all of which are long enough to cover the tush! You'll also find dresses and special items such as scarves, sandals, cardigans, and more, depending on the season and demand.

How much are your items?
The prices for all products are listed on the website. All of our regular adult leggings are $12.50, specialty leggings are $14.50, and kids are $10.00. Tops begin at $20.00. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the item listing on the website for the most accurate information. 

Why should I buy your clothing?
Our owner is always looking for great deals to share with our customers and is constantly negotiating the best prices so we can pass them on to you. Our leggings are buttery soft, but half the price of ones available through some other companies.

Do you have size charts?
Leggings (Sizes apply to plus and capri versions for adults)
~Kids - S/M (Sizes 3-7), L/XL (Sizes 8-12)
~Misses - Sizes 2-10 (have fit up to size 14 comfortably)
~Plus - Sizes 12-22 (have fit up to size 24 comfortably)
Tops and Dresses - S-3XL (Adult only)These items typically fit true to size. The majority of our tops are more fitted in the chest, but have some flare in the lower portion. This makes the sizing very flexible and the shape flattering to almost everyone.

Do you sell mommy and me sets?
While we may not have them paired up as sets on the website, we offer many of our legging designs in both adult and kid sizes so you and your little ones can match!

Do you sell full outfits?
We do sometimes pair together leggings and tops and sell them as a complete outfit. When this happens, they will be listed on our website and the outfit will be announced in our Facebook group. If you need assistance in determining the color tops that will match a specific pair of leggings, please ask in our Facebook group. We are happy to help!

How do I properly care for the clothing?
We suggest hand washing our leggings and hanging them to try in order to keep them in the best condition.

Do you ship?
Yes! At checkout, select shipping and the website will automatically calculate the charge for you.

Do you have local pickup options?
We do. Our pickups are typically on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The times and locations will always be posted in our Facebook group. Orders not picked up within 7 days are subject to cancellation and your items will be returned to inventory.

How do I know when to pick up?
Join our group! The pickup times and locations are always posted prior to the pickup and anyone with orders to pickup on that day are tagged. If your Facebook name is different from the name that will show on your order, please look for the box at checkout where you can tell us your Facebook name. This is important so that we know who to tag for pickup.

Can I shop in person?
You can shop in person at our Open House events! They are in Clarksville, TN and we try to have them every 4-6 weeks, although this timeline is not set in stone and is subject to change. Events will always be announced in our group and on our Facebook page

Can I have someone else pickup for me?
Yes! Watch for us to tag you and then comment under your name to let us know who is picking up.

What if I'm not able to pickup before the end of the 7 days?
Stay in contact with us and let us know when you may be able to pickup. If it turns out that you're not able to pickup at all, let us know and we'll send you a link to pay for shipping.

What is your refund/exchange policy?
Refunds/exchanges are allowed within 14 days. The tags must be intact and the items must be in new condition, unwashed, and free of odors and/or damage (not including manufacturer's defects.) Send a message through the Facebook page or email us at to arrange the Refund/Exchange. Refunds/Exchanges are not allowed on customized items, such as those with a monogram.

Do you offer cash on delivery (pickup)?
If we are offering it, COD will be listed as a payment option at checkout. However, due to safety concerns involved with carrying cash, COD may be temporarily or permanently discontinued. It is not offered during high demand times such as the holiday season.

Do you offer a special shipping option for local customers?
Yes! Look for the special TN/KY shipping option at checkout. This is offered as an alternative for those who may live close, but are unable to pickup.

Do you offer coupons/sales?
Sometimes. But because we strive to keep our prices as low as possible, coupons and sales are limited. When they are available, they will be listed in our Facebook group.

If some of my items are preordered, do you ship what is in stock and then ship the other items when they arrive?
No. If you want them shipped separately, you will need to place separate orders and pay shipping on both. If they are on an order together, your entire order will be held until all items are received. Note that we may prepare your package for shipping while waiting on your additional items, so you may receive a tracking number prior to the package being turned over to the USPS.

I have a tracking number but the USPS says the package has not been received?
If you ordered includes preordered items, see above. If your order did not contain preorders, be aware that USPS does not always scan the packages once they are picked up. Our packages often arrive in the customer's hands without ever being scanned.

I never received a tracking number.
We use a third party system to generate our tracking numbers and they do not always feed back into the order system correctly. You can contact us through the group or through email to obtain the tracking number.

Can I put items in my cart to hold them and check out later?
Our system does not hold inventory in carts. If you want the item, please purchase it when it is available, because it may not be there when you return.

Can I have the order shipped to someone else?
Yes! Just enter their information as the shipping address.

Do I need to join the Facebook group?
Yes! The group is the best place to find out about new items, make suggestions for items you want to see us carry, ask questions, and more. We also hold naming contests for our new leggings and the winner receives a free pair of leggings. If you are participating in local pickup, it is vitally important that you are in our group so you receive notification of the pickups.

Why is there a Facebook group and a Facebook page?
The short story is that one is private (group), while the other is public (page). Through the page, we are able to push out advertising efforts to a wider base of people so that Hicks Inspired can continue to grow. Through the group, we hold contests, post pickup changes, announce new items, etc. While some of the group posts are copied to the page and shared with everyone (ex: new product announcements), there are certain things you will *never* see posted on the page, such as pickup locations/times. It's not because we want to hide information from you, but because we cannot control who sees the page posts and that pickup info often contains vehicle information. The gals also often have their kiddos with them at pickups. So no, that information will never be posted on the page. That's why it's important to join our group, because otherwise, you'll miss out on important info.

How do I contact you?
Through our Facebook group

Through our Facebook page

Through email

Disclaimer: All policies are subject to change without notice. Substantial changes will be announced in the Facebook group.


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